Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Darb 1718’s 'Fel Mix' Series Is A Local Music Collision

Don’t miss out on Darb 1718’s 'Fel Mix' music series, set to take off on the 23rd of April with Meshwar and Hawas bands singing each other's songs in a creative musical exchange.

Staff Writer

Admit it, there are some songs that you like the covers of way more than the originals. Wasn’t Daft Punk’s Get Lucky amazingly covered by Daughter? And while we get why some musicians might feel a little sore about this whole cover thing, others actually embrace – nay, encourage – it!

On the 23rd of this month, local bands Meshwar and Hawas are going to have a sing-off, but instead of singing their own songs, they’ll be singing covers of each other's music at Darb 1718 as part of their Fel Mix music series. Neo-Egyptian pop band Hawas will be singing covers for Reggae band Meshwar. The explosion of music genres and the song swap should be a thing worth hearing indeed. Plus, Darb1718’s amazing rooftop with its hippyish assortment of cushions makes for a wonderful evening anyway.

Meshwar, the distinctly Cairene reggae band, tries to incorporate their Reggae with Arabic tunes and brass. The name, meaning ‘journey’ if translated to Arabic, was chosen as “this youthful and fun-loving troupe hopes to be part of a larger awakening in their society where harmony transcends all."

The band, which has performed in so many cultural and music venues in the city, will be having a musical battle with Hawas, which means ‘obsession’ in Arabic. These guys are obsessed with merging different kinds of sounds while retaining the soothing and tranquil feel that characterises most of their music. The band, composing World Music, does not shy away - to our delight - from mixing and matching different styles and tastes of music.

The collision of sounds and the entertaining suspension produced by the sing-off is sure to create an invigorating new music experience that moves away from the classic let’s-sit-down-and-listen-to-this-song-for-the-15th-time experience and it's the first of many to come at Darb 1718. 

So, make sure you mark your calendar for the 23rd at 5 PM, which is when the awesome sing-off will be rocking your world, live.

For more information, you can visit Darb 1718’s Facebook page or Instagram.