Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Dina El Sherbiny & Hesham Maged Star in Comedy Flick ‘Hamel El Lakab'

A supernatural phenomenon helps a couple - played by Hesham Maged and Dina El Sherbiny - get pregnant. Except it's not quite how you'd think.

Cairo Scene

Hesham Maged is starring in his first role without his partner in crime, Chico. Instead, he will appear alongside actress Dina El Sherbiny in an all-new comedy flick titled ‘Hamel El Lakab’, set to hit the box office on February 2nd.

The film follows a successful footballer, played by Maged, and his wife, played by El Sherbiny. After trying to have a child for some time, a supernatural occurrence strikes and a pregnancy finally takes place - except it’s Maged who’s carrying the child! We’ll give you a second to take that in.

Naturally, the road ahead of them gets pretty rocky. What of his football career? What will they tell people? What is he going to do about all the stretch marks he’s developing? We’ll just have to wait and see.