Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Downtown Cairo's ROOM Art Space Needs Your Help to Stay Open

ROOM Art Space runs the risk of shutting down in the near future and is calling on lovers of art in its various forms to come to its rescue.

Staff Writer

In Downtown Cairo's Garden City sits the glorious 10 Tolombat Street building, which holds in its basement one of Egypt's youngest and most beautiful art spaces: ROOM. The space has been a source of inspiration for many, and the first chance at exposure for others, while allowing them a shot at enough confidence to continue practicing their art. 400 cultural gatherings later – from storytelling, to comedy shows, to poetry, to film screenings, to musical shows, to theatre performances - it established itself as one of the major backbones and pillars of the artistic souls that permeate the city of Cairo.

Doesn't it sound like a place that will inject positive vibes through you for days? Well, unfortunately, we may be losing ROOM as the economic crisis in Egypt cripples its continuity, which it has since its establishment in 2014. The place is not funded through any organisation, but rather, it functions as a cafe - serving coffee and light meals - with revenue that used to comfortably cover the rent costs and other expenses. But now, the struggle is real. As you can tell, they're not willing to give up the art space just yet. They have a plan to help revive ROOM through donations, or better yet, three-month memberships that will offer its holders 50 percent off musical performance tickets, as well as high-speed free internet whenever they want. If they get as little at 100 members, they can keep the space running - if they get 1,000 members, they would have raised enough funds to rent a larger space that can serve as an art school and co-working space for artists.

So, let's keep the music playing - shall we?

Check out their Facebook page here, or their website, and help in every way you can - like, share, or get a membership!

Photos belong to ROOM Art Space.