Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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Ecken Cool!

We talk to the people behind Ecken - an exciting new furniture brand, created by GUC graduates and inspired by our dear city.

Staff Writer

Ecken Cool!

Here in Egypt it’s very easy to get bogged down in the nitty gritty of politics and negativity but one 23-year-old is sticking it to naysayers with her range of mind bending boutique furniture creations. Sara Khedre was still studying at Cairo’s German University when she dreamt up the idea for Ecken (the German word for corner) along with classmates Nihal Abul-Fadl, 26, Mahmoud El Shamy, 27, Mostafa Maher, 27. Ecken, is a boutique collection of practical furniture pieces designed and made locally by the budding bunch and is already beginning to gather steam.

“It started out as a university project and it just grew from there. Lots of people have shown an interest so far We have two designs finalised so far but many more due to follow soon,” says Khedre. And the source of Khedre’s stimulation is simple – the crazy streets of Cairo, of course. “My inspiration came from really simple stuff – things I would see on the side on the street in downtown. I just feel really inspired by what I’ve seen right here in Egypt and that’s where my ideas come from,” she gushes.

Meanwhile, she makes no secret about her love for Egypt’s open minds and talent pool. “I really love working here because Egyptians always want to be the first on board when it comes to new ideas and trends – it’s really cool. It’s a great time to do new things here in Cairo – people are really receptive.” When asked about her plans for the future Khedre is clear about her ideas. “Obviously I would like the business to grow but I’m so happy to be able to do what I love.”

For more information visit Ecken's Facebook page here.