Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Egypt Gets Its First and Only Scream Room

You can now scream your psychological troubles away in Bab Aldonia's therapeutic scream room!

Staff Writer

You know how living in Egypt can sometimes be the very definition of screwed? How your bawab gives you the I-am-judging-you-in-my-head-but-I-am-not-saying-anything like every morning and things like human dignity and basic citizenship rights can seem like luxuries you can't afford? So you cry yourself to sleep and you weep in the shower. It doesn't have to be like that anymore. The government isn't exactly being replaced by the rebel alliance, but Egypt just got itself a scream room which may prove just as effective as a regime change! 

Completely insulated and soundproof, the nation's first and only scream room is located in Bab Aldonia Cafe and Cultural Centre in 6th of October. And the best part is you can use it for free; all you have to do is register your name and wait your turn to get into the room where you can scream your head off for 10 whole minutes - we feel relieved just writing it! The room is also equipped with a drum set should you feel the need to bang away at it, which you most certainly will!  

Only one person is allowed into the room at a time and there is absolutely no way to eavesdrop during your time inside so people will still respect you when you go out. "There is no medium by which to eavesdrop on the room, and it is open for everyone; men, women, young, old," Bab Aldonia Founder Abdel Rahman Saad told Huffington Post Arabi, adding that the concept is available for all segments of society.

Saad believes that screaming can alleviate the nation's collective stress and the negativity that permeates Egyptian society today, saying that there was a short-lived state of hopefulness following the January 25th, 2011 uprising which soon turned to despondency and despair as things got worse.   

Another rule is, you can't take your cell with you; mobile phones are not allowed in the scream room and taking photographs inside must be done under the supervision of the attendants. 

Saad also told the publication that he plans to add a training dummy to the room so you can bring all your innermost sick twisted desires to life!

Main Image: The Scream by Edvard Munch, DUH!
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