Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Egypt's Next Hilarious Vlogger Mohamed Khamis Has Gone Viral For His Killer Roasts

Every now and then we stumble upon someone who's come out of the blue to bolster the content game on social media, and it seems Khamis is our next hit.

Staff Writer

Remember the first time you came across Bassem Youssef's B+? Enough time has passed to make it worthy of a reminiscent sigh. Or Eslam Hossam's hilarious burlesque vlogs? You knew that this was new stuff, not your everyday content. Well that's how we felt when a few days ago Mohamed Khamis started cracking his way into the stratosphere with his Facebook vlogs that are just outright roasting. It's safe to say now, with the reactions Khamis has been getting and the virality of his outrageously witty content, that he's set to be a staple of the Egyptian online culture, which has already started with a few memes of him circulating.

It was last week that Khamis posted a video titled An Attempt to Get Dad, where he mocked "the man who stood behind Omar Sulaiman" – another fit of nostalgia to go with the B+ reminiscence. It would almost be a reflex to go "that guy, again?" since we're talking about a guy on whom the jokes started back in 2011 and have become a thing of the past, not exactly material for anyone with a desire to put out original content to go to. But Khamis would be quick to change your mind, because this guy does not do the traditional roasting; he adds his own flavour to it, and you'll see that as he frames the former general as a sly dad running a conversation with his son.Even though he's been posting his videos for a long time now, it was this one that put the guy into the spotlight as possibly our upcoming Egyptian King of Roasting. It wasn't long after he'd started garnering himself this reputation that he came at us again with yet another social media hit video, this time taking on notorious media figure Said Hasasseen. In less than a day it had reached 65,000 views on Facebook.We seriously hope that Mohamed Khamis, who's already got people on Facebook hooked on his videos, would stay around for a while because when it comes to laughs, this guy could possibly be our next national hit. 

Check out Khamis's hilarious bits on his Facebook profile.