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Egyptian Artist Ganzeer Crowdfunds His Upcoming Trump-Inspired Graphic Novel

Ganzeer's Trump-inspired, dystopian graphic novel needs your help to see the light of day. Don't worry, there's a lot in it for you!

Ganzeer, the Egyptian muralist and graphic designer, is back with his customary gritty artwork and sharp edge of social commentary on his political science-fiction epic, The Solar Grid.

The Solar Grid revolves around themes such as Wikileaks, Donald Trump, economic inequality, exploitation, climate change, crowd manipulation, race relations, social media, and other pillars of modern life. So far, he has got three out of nine chapters done but needs your help to complete the project. He set up a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to get this important piece of art out to us as quickly as possible. Beside all the awesome perks you’ll get if you contribute now, you’ll be supporting a struggling Egyptian artist with promise.

The summary on Ganzeer’s website set the scene for his dystopian graphic novel; “A vast network of satellites keeps the Earth basked in eternal daylight, powering factories that operate ceaselessly to produce goods for the Martians. Two children, however, who scavenge the wastelands of Earth for valuables from the civilisations that once were, come upon something that will disrupt Earth/Mars co-dependency forever.”

Ganzeer has been struggling to live abroad since he had to flee Egypt after drawing a cartoon of then defence minister Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi. The first two chapters, 38 pages each, can be downloaded for $1.99 on his website. Do yourselves a favour and support an independent artist that has heart and brains.

You can contribute to the project here.

Or check out his website/video here.