Thursday June 8th, 2023
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Egyptian Author of 'Welad El Mara' Under Fire for Title of Her Book

Egyptian author Yasmine El Khatib is in the throws of a social media blitz over her new book, Welad El Mara.

Staff Writer

Egyptian writer, TV host, and artist Yasmine El Khatib has stirred controversy with the title of her new book, Welad El Mara, which literally translates to 'sons (and daughters) of the woman', which probably sounds quite inoffensive, doesn't it? However, in Arabic, 'mara' is a derogatory word for 'woman'. 

Upon announcing the title of her book, El Khatib was at the receiving end of tremendous backlash from social media users who find it offensive and inappropriate, and even went as far as insulting her personally. Journalist and TV host Ibrahim Issa even mocked El Khatib on Twitter, calling her a mozza (Arabic for chick).  

Be that as it may, Fathy El Mazin – owner of Layan House, publishers of the book – told Masr Al Arabiya he had agreed with the author to change the book's title. 

Welad El Mara is a collection of essays that tackle women's issues in the so-called Arab world (The Middle East and North Africa). 

El Khatib is arguing that the use of the word mara as an insult goes to show how misogynistic these societies are.

(Photo Credit: Hossam Atef Studio)