Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Museum Opens Doors to Press to Cover King Tut's Mask Repair

As the Ministry of Antiquities begins the restoration of the King Tutankhamun's mask which was badly damaged and hastily repaired earlier this year, they open the doors to journalists, lifting the ban on photography for a limited time.

Staff Writer

To mark the beginning of fixing the globally iconic mask of King Tut, the Cairo Egyptian Museum will be making a rare exception allowing the press the opportunity to take pictures and videos of the restoration process as well as covering its planned move to room 55.

The world was shocked at the level of Egyptian incompetence when a Cairo Museum staff member accidentally broke off the iconic beard of King Tutankhamun’s mask, only to make matters worse by attempting to hastily attach it using epoxy. If this wasn’t embarrassing enough, the cash strapped Antiquities Ministry had to rely on German donations, to raise the money to repair it. Tasked with the repairing the mask is a German-Egyptian team of experts who believe they can return the mask to its former glory.

Turning an embarrassing episode in Egyptian incompetence into an event, the Antiquities Ministry have that until 6:00pm on Sunday October 11th, the museum will be lifting its ban on taking photos or video for the two day occasion. This exclusive press access will allow reporters to capture the opening of the temporal exhibition, as well the launch of a special new exhibit entitled "Stepping Through Time: Footwear in Ancient Egypt" which will display 47 pieces that show the evolution of footwear fashion from pre-dynastic times (3000BC) up to the Ottoman Empire.

Launching today, this new exhibit is scheduled to be on display until the end of the year in room 44 of the Cairo Museum. We are sure the exhibit is awesome, but let’s be honest: all eyes are on the repair of King Tut’s mask, which we hope goes smoothly, finally ending this embarrassing chapter in Egyptian antiquities history.