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Egyptian Musician Osama ElHady Just Released A Stunning New Video Showing Off Egypt's Beauty

From Siwa to the Red Sea, the musician has travelled far and wide to bring us this visual feast.

If you’ve checked Facebook over the past couple of days, you’ve probably come across Osama El Hady’s new song, featuring Hudz, is titled El Rad Mabiewsalsh Leh. People are talking about it left and right, and not just for just for the music although the song has all the makings of becoming an anthem like the musician's 2012 hit Dayman Ma'a Ba'd. The same year he won the Middle East Music Award. 

It’s been a while since any of us watched a good music video but this one takes the cake. The videography with full on drone shots, along with the attention to detail, have made it into a piece of art all on its own. We're talking about Wes Anderson style perfect symmetry. 

The video takes us to places in Egypt that are so off the beaten track, we seem to have forgotten about them altogether. In fact, it shows off so much of Egypt, it's good enough to act as a tourism campaign for Egypt. 

Starting off on Sound Cloud, El Hady has built his career by independently producing music that was able to garner over a million followers, and that’s way before his new song came out. Watch the stunning new video below.

Produced and recorded by Key 66.
Making: Ahmed Elsaid
Graphic designer: Hani Jamal
Content producer: Eiad Saleh
Digital rights: WKS Agency
Wardrobe: Nas Trends
Hairstylist: Ahmed & Abdou Salon
Aerial photography: Owl Vision
Coloring: Bright Video Production Ahmed Tawfik
Post production: back2earth entertainment
Edit & VFX: Hend Sohail, Mahmoud Adel, Mahmoud L Said
Director of photography: Moataz Ibrahim
Cameramen: Mohamed Gharaz, Ahmed Alaa, Karim Roshdi, Magdi Mohamed
Production: Ahmed Gamal Zidan, Karim Elsaqqa, Ehap Elshafie
Assistant director: Nourhan Yasser