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El-Arish Culture Palace Reopens After 10-Year Hiatus

North Sinai’s El-Arish Culture Palace reopens doors after years of expansions and renovations, with a theatre and a workshop for crafts.

We all love heading to Sinai for those chill desert vibes and mystical atmosphere. Sinai bears a rich cultural heritage that continues to draw people in from all over the world. Given that it remains one of the prominent symbols of the Egyptian identity, the Ministry of Culture and the General Organization of Cultural Places have come together to re-open North Sinai’s El-Arish Cultural Palace after a decade of closure.

You know those really cute, bohemian crafts you can’t help buying when you’re in Sinai? That tribal-style handbag or laid-back boho shawl you associate almost exclusively with Dahab? Well, a lot of them are handmade by local women, and the El-Arish Culture palace will serve as a hub for the revival of these hand-made crafts. It will provide these local, hard-working women with the space, training and modern technologies to preserve and develop their skills.

The re-opening was marked by a colourful, grand ceremony, attended by the Minister of Culture, along with other figures from the Egyptian cultural scene. The evening featured a festive concert, showcasing artists from the Cairo Opera House and an orchestra that serenaded into the night.

The opening ceremony also came with the announcement of a variety of artistic projects and activities that focus on developing the talents of North Sinai’s youth. The ‘Start Your Dream’ workshop works with the young people of El-Arish to develop their theatrical talents through the organization of cultural weeks, among other artistic and literary activities, along with a brand new, decked-out cinema hall to act their hearts out.

The newly-renovated cultural center is part of the ministry’s broader goal of highlighting and encouraging the creative riches of Egypt.