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End Breast Cancer by Believing in Pink

On Saturday, the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt is holding a mass march and more in 6th of October to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research as part of the Believe in Pink campaign.

It's October, which means it's officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Looking to spread awareness and raise funds, the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt is partnering up with Believe in Pink this Saturday, for a march that will not only be educational, but a lot of fun for the whole family.

Founded by Laila Rostom and Norshek Fawzy, Believe in Pink will be taking over the Gardenia Park Clubhouse in Cairo’s 6th of October district with the goal of raising funds while educating the masses about the dangers and prevalence of Breast Cancer. Believe in Pink is a campaign organized by The Wellness Log, an online program that promotes and helps others achieve a healthy lifestyle that emphasises balance, regular exercise and proper nutrition. Saturday’s Breast Cancer awareness event has planned a variety of fun activities including photo sessions, and three different marches varying in length from one kilometer, three kilometers, and five kilometers.

The campaign features a variety of supporting entities that include Gardenia Park, Gold’s Gym, Polar Egypt, Bracelets for a Cause, The Brand Bees, and More Egypt, among others.

“We are extremely pleased with the number of partners who are interested in taking part in this and thrilled about the positive feedback received so far by the public,” expresses Laila Rostom in a press statement. Working together these partners will help raise money in a variety of ways, from providing activities and giveaways to sponsoring athletes participating in the run, with all proceeds being donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt.

Tragically, breast cancer constitutes one-third of cancer cases among women, and is the most common cancer afflicting women in the Arab world. “Aside from raising donations, we aim through our campaign to challenge the status quo and help women in Egypt understand the risk factors and how such a disease can be detected early via regular inspections,” explains Norshek Fawzy. One of the biggest problems that exists Egypt is the lack of education. With the simple knowledge of how to detect, coupled with regular visits to a physician, up to 98% of cases can be cured when discovered early.

A majority of people know someone who has been affected by cancer, but often don’t know the preventive measures that time and time again prove to save lives. This Saturday, Believe in Pink can help not only educate you, but hopefully raise the funds needed to find the cure for Breast Cancer.