Friday April 19th, 2024
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Farahzada; An Artist on the Rise

Staff writer Farah Karim chats to Instagram sensation, graphic artist and master-doodler, Farahzada to find out the source of her inspiration and what she aspires to.

Staff Writer

Farahzada; An Artist on the Rise

Art is essential to life. Not only does it add to the depth of one's meaning and existence, but it also gives us colour. Most of what we do in our every-day life is associated with art one way or another; writing, listening to music, and acknowledging the beauty of the scenery around us. Some are just admirers while some  learn how to practice it, and others who are lucky enough to have an intrinsic talent just go on to creating it. With a whopping 13K Instagram admirers of her art, Farahzada has managed to inspire people with her colourful artsy Socialmedia feed and impresses people with her natural, developing talents. We talk to the young artist, who's currently studying Graphic Design at AUC, and we get insight on how she came to grow her talent, who inspires her, and what she sees coming her way in the future.

What triggered your interest in art?

 I've always loved drawing and colouring, but honestly what first triggered my interest in art was attending art classes in school. My teacher back then, Dina Zohni, was the first one to teach us about art history and different movements etc... and ever since then I have discovered my eagerness to know and learn more about art and that I want to contribute to the artistic world in my own modern way.

Tell us about how your passion for art developed.
My passion for art evolved with me always trying to experiment; I don't narrow my options to only painting with acrylic for example, or just doodling. I'm always curious to knowing new ways of practicing art. 

Since you don't yet sell the artistic items you make and post online, do you intend on making a brand for yourself in the future?
Yes, I hope to one day print my own designs on different products or hand-print different stuff from murals to furniture.

What do you study and how do you see yourself handling your talent later on? Do you intend to pursue it as a career?
I study graphic design at the American University in Cairo. I actually intend to pursue a career in both, Art, and Graphic Design, especially if I'm going to start my own business. To me, the two fields somewhat complete each other.
Where do you get your inspiration from and who are your favourite artists?
I get my inspiration from different cultures, colours and patterns. One of my favourite modern artists is Brazilian artist Romero Britto; his work is so full of positive vibes and vibrant colors. Azza Fahmy, is of course one of my favourite Egyptian artists, along with Amina Ghali. I love how they manage to embed our beautiful Egyptian and pharaonic culture in their designs.
You always seem to be taking steps forward with your art. From thoughts to paper, and from paper to items. What do you want to experiment with next?
I actually want to experiment with doors next! I would love to paint a door and turn it into a piece of art.
Expect a few artistically patterned furniture pieces from the young talent soon. We know we will be waiting for them on our timelines.  It is always wonderful to talk to beautiful people with such vibrant auras and big dreams. 

Stay updated with Farahzada's newest creations through Instragram.