Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Fayoum’s Famous Pottery-Making Village Is Hosting a Culture and Arts Festival

Tours, camp fires, pottery making, and safaris are just some of the activities the masterminds behind the festival have in mind.

Staff Writer

Egypt is a country rich with handmade crafts and artworks that are often overlooked (or just given too little love). Just take a stroll in Khan El Khalili and you’ll be hassled by dozens of vendors trying to sell you on something they poured themselves into.

One such art, which has ancient roots dating back to the Pharaonic era is pottery making. This largely unexplored craft is being catapulted to the spotlight as the seventh edition of the International Tunis Village Festival kicks off in Fayoum.

The cultural fiesta will celebrate “all arts,” according to their Facebook, and is backed by The Export Council for Handicrafts and the Handicraft Chamber, with the support of the Bank of Alexandria and the Potters Association of Tunis Village, who are hosting the event.

The festival will offer plenty of cultural activities, including sand sliding, felucca rides, camp fires, cultural and environmental tours - to the city's iconic valleys and within the Tunis Village itself, as well as safaris.

Visitors can enjoy the unique artsy experience on day-trips or spend a night there either in open camps, eco-lodges, or at a hotel. The prices for a night’s stay range from 1000 to around 1700 EGP per person, while day trips can be as cheap as 240 EGP.

You can learn more about the event, which is sponsored by Intercontinental Travel, on the official Facebook event
You can also reach the organisers at 01021207766, or on their landlines at 0227371501/2/3/4 or shoot them an email at