Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Fine Films Finally Make it to Egypt at 2015 Cairo Film Festival

There has been a steady decline in the quality of films that have been making it to Egypt lately. From mainstream blockbusters to silly Romantic Comedies, the range is depressing. This will change in November with the films screening at Cairo Film Festival.

Staff Writer

The Cairo Film Festival is set to take place between November 11 and November 20, 2015 and is said to be screening an extended list of award winning international films from all over the world. This means our minds and senses are taking a nine-day break to rejuvenate from Egyptian blockbuster nonsense.

Although the schedule has not yet been released there are rumors circulating dropping a few names here and there. We list them and their trailers below.

Hungry Hearts (Italy)

Dheepan (France)

Home Care (Czech Republic)

Aferim (Romania)

 Dukhtar (Pakistan)

Bridgend (Denmark)