Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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Innovative street artist INSA takes graffiti to the next level creating digital, moving GIFs out of his works on the streets of London...

Staff Writer

The only thing that seems to have changed in Egypt since the revolution is its walls. After January 25, grafitti became a regular sighting in Cairo. What was once banned was now adorning more surfaces than Sisi's current poster campaign.

Unfortunately, as our revolutionary spirit gradually fades, so too does our graffiti, as many of the iconic images that represented a dream are now covered up unimaginative blobs of paint. The struggle to keep graffiti living is always a challenge for artists, and although many invest hours of dedication and planning, all to often, their masterpieces are erased and if not properly photographed, forgotten.

Looking to find a way to permanently preserve his artistic creations is British artist INSA, who has changed the game by creating Gifiti. By creating mesmerising loops, INSA has turned static graffiti into a shareable motion pictures that come to life.

"Mixing retro internet technology and labour intensive painting, INSA creates slices of infinite un-reality," the artist's states on his blog. "Cutting edge art for the Tumblr generation."

To create these colourful moving masterpieces, INSA photo documented various stages of his work, from the first layer of paint to the last minor detail. The photographs are then reworked into a single repeating shorts that are beautifully hypnotising.

Blown away, we here at CairoScene decided to show some of our favourite pieces by this artistic innovator, and hope to one day to see Egyptian made graffiti forever immortalised in Gifiti online.