Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Girls Can Project Believes Girls Can Fix Cars

Who needs men when girls can fix cars?

Staff Writer

Life in Egypt can get a bit scary at times, especially if you are a clueless girl stranded with a flat tire or blown out radiator. It would be even scarier should you unfortunately become that girl while you are driving down the me7war at night, while streaming across one of the many desert roads alone, or even getting stuck on the Ring Road at any time of the day. If it’s just you alone, your perfect solutions are to call daddy, call your brother, or call that one guy who is always there to help you out of your messes. Let’s name that guy Hamada.

What if Hamada’s phone is off or the network is unavailable?

What if Hamada has a very extreme case of diarrhea and can’t leave the house?

My friend, what if there is no more Hamada ever again?

Helplessly, you are probably going to stay stuck for a while; you might get mugged, kidnapped, or even bitten by a monkey. Maybe no monkey, but whatever would happen would not be pretty or fun.

Girls! Ladies! Ya habibty enti wi heya! You need to jump up out of that tiny and helpless bubble of weakness that too many of you are drowning your selves in. Who is to say that a girl can’t be a badass mechanic? Who is to say that you need a Hamada?

It is Hamada’s turn to need you!

The Girls Can Project believes you have the power and that you are the queen of the wheel. Grab that wrench and tire iron, get smudgy and greasy, and put that baseball cap on backwards, because the Girls Can Project has opened up its garage doors for all you girls who are ready to believe that, if a guy can do it, a girl can do it so much better.

When someone asks you what car you’re driving, no more, “it’s a cute blue car with four doors;” you get to stand up like Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny and lay down all the specs and details like a badass pro. With the Girls Can Fix Cars project, you have a chance to join the car maintenance workshops and courses that are conveniently available at seven different venues. According to GCP’s marketing Manager Reem El-Sayed, “Think of these workshops as a medium for us girls to vent out about our inconvenient personal experiences and help each other truly learn. It is time to know your car, it is time to know how to stay safe, and it is time to completely become self-dependent!”

Guess what? While you’re at it, you can even go go karting like pro. The Girls Can Project has combined forces with The Race to put together a go karting event at the beginning of each month. El-Sayed also says, “It is a great way to boost your confidence and establish your badass persona as the queen of the wheel!”

 For more information and event details visit their Facebook page here.