Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Golden Two Page Quran?

The 22nd International Holy Quran Exhibition in Tehran is displaying a remarkable rarity; a copy of the Quran printed on to two gold sheets the size of an iPad.

Staff Writer

Some like small print, while other despise it, but all Muslims will love and marvel at the world's smallest script Quran on display at the 22nd International Holy Quran Exhibition in Tehran.

Amazingly the entire Holy Quran is compressed on to just two pages that measure 12 by 16 centimetres, roughly the size of an iPad.

This rare one-of-a-kind Quran is the skillful work of Raein Akbarkhanzadeh. Taking over 2,500 hours to create, the text is so small that it requires a magnifying glass just to read the verses, even though Akbarkhanzadeh was able to inscribe the verses using only his naked eye, a kilogram of gold, five kilograms of silver and different kinds of gemstones.

This very unique Quran is making its public debut at the Written Works Section of the Quran expo, currently underway in the Holy Defense Garden-Museum in Tehran until July 13.