Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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The 12 Highest-Paid Stars in This Ramadan's Egyptian Mosalsals

If the recent hike in metro ticket prices is bothering you, do NOT open this list.

Staff Writer

Some might not be aware just how big our Ramadan drama industry is. Thousands of technicians, site workers, camera men, and above all, actors, work all year-round just to make it into the cut-throat-competitive Ramadan mosalsals. In terms of consumption of entertainment, gifts, and food, Ramadan has been dubbed a 'month-long Christmas' by western media.

But how big is it really? For the lack of official stats, we're going to use one factor; how much A-listers actually get paid! Check out the list of the 12 highest paid stars this Ramadan:

Adel Emam

Not really a shocker that Adel Emam is the highest paid actor in Egypt and the Arab world this Ramadan. Having half a century of experience under his belt seems to be paying off well for the Egyptian Za3eem. This year, he's cashing in a staggering EGP 60 million for his role as a journalist in 3awalem Khafeya. Quite a hefty sum alright!

Mohamed Ramadan

In a matter of a few years, Mohamed Ramadan climbed his way up from supporting roles to topping the list of Egypt's biggest stars. The sensational actor has since become the face of massive Egyptian brands, and his movies and mosalsals have been consistently ranking as the most viewed in Egypt and the region. For his anticipated Nesr El Sa3eed role this Ramadan, Mohamed Ramadan is earning EGP 45 million.

Mohamed Heneidy

Despite having had limited appearances in Ramadan over the past few years, Heneidy's return to our television screens comes with quite a price tag; EGP 30 million to be exact. Don't be jealous now. 


Ahmed Ezz

Abandoning your unborn babies will sure as hell get you a long way in show biz, kid. Not only is the charming Ahmed Ezz making a comeback after the whole Zeina court case fiasco, he's also getting EGP 25 million richer. That ought to teach him a lesson! 

Hany Salama

Nineties and 2000s kids, regroup; Hany Salama is back. Our favourite heartthrob of the era is placing his chips on the role of a runaway convict. But not for nothing, because he's also ringing in EGP 22 million in the process.

Yahya Al Fakharany

It's actually kind of surprising Al Fakharany is not right there at the top of the list given his history of smashing viewership records. But we're not about to feel sorry for him for earning just EGP 20 million for his mosalsal this upcoming Ramadan. He'll be just fine.


And finally, ladies and gentlemen, a female makes it on the list. The gender-gap in Egypt's TV industry is a thing, but Yosra isn't about to make a big fuss out of it because she still gets to go home with EGP 15 million. It may sound like a lot of money to the poor peasants that we are, but given she's the series' lead, she would have definitely inched closer to the top of the list if she wasn't a woman.

Nelly Karim

Say what now? Two women on the list? THEY'RE COMING FOR US! The adored starlet probably deserves the solid EGP 15 million she's earning for her role in Ekhtefa2, but as with Yousra, her Ramadan income is reflective of how much less a lead woman gets to earn in the industry.

Amir Karara

Who would have thought the cutsie young Star Maker host will make it this far and become a star himself? Well get over it because he IS! And he has EGP 15 million for his role in Kalbash 2 to prove it.

Amr Youssef

Steadily rising in popularity for over a decade now, Amr Youssef's popularity soared through the roof after starring in Grand Hotel two years ago. Now he's finally made it as a household name and an EGP 10 million is his reward this Ramadan.

Yasser Galal

Another surprising entry to the list; Yasser Galal is getting EGP 10 million for his role in Raheim this Ramadan. Why though?

D'hafer L'Abidine

Now is not the time to get jealous. Even if he were to just stand there, L'Abidine should be paid his worth. The painfully good-looking Tunisian actor is also taking EGP 10 million home this Ramadan for his role in Layaly Eugine. And no, he's not going to just stand there... Leave D'HAFER ALONE!