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Hisham Kharma Scores 'Come to Egypt' to Premiere at Pharaoh's Parade

Popular Egyptian producer Hisham Kharma has done the score for the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities' highly anticipated promotional tourism film.

Hisham Kharma - the music producer known for his work on sci-fi series ‘Al Nehaya’ and thriller ‘Mako’ - has just wrapped up the soundtrack on the highly anticipated feature ‘Come to Egypt’. Produced by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, hosted by ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ star Khaled El Nabawy and directed by Tamer Ashry (‘Eyebrows’, ‘Photocopy’, ’Sacred’), the docu film will be used to promote tourism in Egypt

“I wanted to create music that wasn’t just fit for a tourism documentary, but that spoke about humanity,” Kharma tells #CairoScene. “When you’re seeing a church scene, you can hear the sounds of the candles. When we see a tomb, you hear a merge between ancient and modern sounds.”

The 35-minute film will premiere during the Pharaohs’ Golden Parade on April 3rd.