Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Ismail Kassem is Now a Published Author

His brand new book attempts to give Egyptian women a tour into men's psyche.

Staff Writer

While one can't simply group a whole gender group in one box when it comes to anything, we're going to go out on a limb to claim that one thing most women have in common is their lack of understanding of men. We're not making this up; this eternal quest to figure out how The Man thinks, or why they act the way they do has inspired research projects, art pieces, and - above all - books, throughout history.

While all of us are probably thinking about Women Are From Mars and Men Are From Venus by this point, we've stumbled upon Ismail Kassem's recently released E3rafy Raglek W 3alemy 3aleh (Know Your Man Inside and Out), a brand new book that constitutes the lifecoach's first venture into the world of publishing. What Kassem is attempting to deliver with this book is a manual to understanding the Egyptian man, which is quite a substantial undertaking given that most men don't even understand themselves. How does Kassem intend to deliver on his book's message?"I've always wanted to write books; it's been a childhood dream, but it was kept on the shelf for a long time," explained Kassem. "When I got on social media and started posting educational video based off of my psychology background, the idea for this book slowly built its way in my mind."

Kassem's short educational videos, which focus on providing quick and basic insights into social issues he finds predominant, quickly proved to be quite popular. The said videos turned Kassem into the target of endless inquiries from his female audience on how to figure out men. Due to the sheer, overwhelming volume of questions, Kassem decided to respond to it all in one book that provides a 360 degree analysis of the rather mysterious Egyptian man.

"My book is a message. It's a deep, real, and even sarcastic message to grant my readers a comprehensive overview," further elaborated Kassem. "Of course, I want people to be entertained while reading the book, but I also want them to start seeing things from others' perspective, because if we keep using the same outdated solutions, we'll never get anywhere."

On Kassem's initial reaction upon receiving news of the book's release, especially being a typecast nightlife figure, he explained, "I've worked in multiple industries and been successful in all of my ventures, so why not do something else that I love? I don't like being boxed, and I don't see myself as one thing or the other. One can never get anywhere if they limit themselves to a certain image or profession."

With the release of Kassem's brand new book this week, he's already a few steps ahead, thinking about his upcoming book projects.

"My next book project will be about raising children properly, in which I will address the most common issues Egyptian parents go through after giving birth and how to properly raise children. My male audience should also stay tuned for another book project I have aiming at walking men through the female psyche."

E3rafy Raglek W 3alemy 3aleh is exclusively available at Virgin Mega Store for a month.

Catch Ismail Kassem's book signing session this Saturday at Cairo Festival City's Virgin Mega Store at 5:00 PM.