Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Italian Artist Brilliantly Re-Imagines 10 Disney Princesses As Exotic Belly Dancers

These drawings of Disney princesses in belly dancing suits are exactly what you need to lighten up the start of your week.

Staff Writer

Over the years, Disney princesses have been extremely diverse, from Arabia's Jasmine to Belle, the French beauty, Disney has taken us all over the world with their enchanting stories. Italian illustrator, Sara Manca just released a series that combines two of her favourite things, character design and belly dancing. Having studied belly dancing for the past 7 years. Manca thought it might be cool to draw Disney princesses in belly-dancing costumes and the results are mesmerising. 

"My dream is to be a character designer, and the series is actually not finished yet. I am working on more characters at the moment. People are always asking me, 'Where's Cinderella?' or 'Why not Tiana?' So watch out for those really soon," Manca tells us. 

Check out the series below.


You can check out Manca's work on her Facebook and on Tumblr.