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Janitor Allegedly Films Women in Paul Korba's Ladies' Room

A disturbing viral Facebook post claims that a janitor hid a phone camera in the ladies' room to peep on women.

A viral social media post that has been shared over 6,000 times claims that a phone was hidden in the ladies' room at Paul's Bakery & Restaurant's Heliopolis branch.

Marie-France R. Lakah, the Facebook user who shared the post, explains that her "mother and her friends were having lunch at Paul Korba and the daughter of her friend went to the bathroom and found a phone with a camera," adding that the phone camera had been recording "for a couple of hours" and that it turned out to be the janitor's.

View the post here.

The women spoke to the manager who said "it wasn't his responsibility," as per Lakah's post, after which they reported the incident to the police.

In a phone interview with CairoScene, Paul's Heliopolis' branch manager said that "the issue is with the cleaning company," adding that the police has launched an investigation into the incident and that the suspect - the janitor - is currently held for questioning.

Photo: Nora Youssef Photography.