Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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Journey to Solitude With This Immersive Sound Journey Experience at SA

The Sound Resonance Series will be guided by Sound Artist Ghalia Almadani during SAMoCA@JAX’s ‘In the Night’ exhibition.

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Journey to Solitude With This Immersive Sound Journey Experience at SA

The Saudi Arabia Museum of Contemporary Art (SAMoCA), the Kingdom’s new contemporary art museum, temporarily located in the cultural and hip JAX district of Al Diriyah, is hosting a new immersive and sensorial sound journey experiences called the Sound Resonance Series.

Taking place in conjunction with SAMoCA@JAX’s ‘In the Night’ exhibition and curated by renowned Sound Artist and Meditation and Breathwork Practitioner, Ghalia Almadani, the series is made up of four diverse sound journey sessions that are created to immerse participants in a mesmerising and cosmic experience. These sensations are drawn out through sound journeys involving more than 20 instruments, including Tibetan singing bowls, crystal harps, flutes, ocean drums and gongs.

Ghalia Almadani, who will guide each of the four sessions, is also an Experience Curator and a Corporate Wellness and Wellness Tourism Consultant. She has a passion for inspiring individuals to improve the quality of their lives through various tools and modalities- one of which is immersive sounds. Her practice - influenced by eight years of diverse studies in India and the UK - includes yoga, breathwork, 5 Elements free movement, and sound journeys.

The sessions aim to guide participants through the cosmic vastness of the universe and create space for clarity, creativity, stillness, and immensity.

The series, tying in with the ‘In the Night’ exhibition’s theme of taking viewers on a heavenly journey through the starry expanses of the night sky, features around 30 pieces in a variety of mediums, including sculpture, canvases and a number of immersive experiences. The celestial exhibition features artists from a diverse range of backgrounds including France, India, Japan, Argentina, Morocco, Croatia, and of course from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia itself. Highlighted works include Australian artist Hossein Valamanesh’s ‘Constellations’ installation, an ode to the Persian poet Rumi’s focus on dark beauty and nightly solitude.

The ‘In the Night’ exhibition runs until May 20th. The Sound Resonance Series will host its final session on May 16th from 7:15 PM to 8:15 PM at SAMoCA’s temporary location in Riyadh’s JAX district.

Book your ticket now through the Saudi Ministry of Culture website to attend the final session of the Sound Resonance Series on May 16th.