Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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King Tuthmosis III's Barque Shrine is Now Open to the Public

Reconstructed in 2010, King Tuthmosis III's barque shrine had to undergo restoration work due to parts of it being broken.

Staff Writer

The Centre Franco-Egyptien d'Etude des Temples de Karnak (CFEETK) (French- Egyptian Centre for Karnak Temples Studies) has finished the restoration of King Tuthmosis III's barque (three-masted sailing ship) shrine. 

The monument was reconstructed back in 2010 at Karnak Temple's Open Air Museum but had to undergo restoration work due to its ceiling slab and lintel being broken, according to Mahmoud Afifi, the head of the ancient Egyptian Antiquities Department at the Ministry of Antiquities. Egyptologist and CFEETK Director Christophe Thiers said that the restoration was performed manually using hydraulic jacks. 

The site is now open to visitors at the Open Air Museum of Karnak. 

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