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Local Improvisational Comedy Troupe ‘Irtigalia’ Release Weekly Videos of Their Performances

Orient Productions and Luke Lehner Studios’ improvisational comedy troupe ‘Irtigalia’ have recently started posting weekly videos of their performances, putting a smile on your face in quarantine.


In hard times, sometimes all you need is a laugh. Which is  why it’s perfect that local improv troupe ‘Irtigalia’ have been posting their performances on their Facebook and YouTube accounts every weekend. Produced by Orient Productions and Luke Lehner Studios, these performances were recorded before the corona lockdown set in, when the troupe would perform mainly in Downtown’s Studio Emad Eddin and in various venues across Cairo.

Irtigalia, established in 2019, performs improv comedy scenes where audience members are asked to write down random sentences down on plain paper for the performers to look at. And here's the thing: the number one rule of improv is to never say "No". So you can imagine what can go down once the performers read their instructions, until they turn your expectations on your head, and suddenly anything can go down. That's what improv's all about, baby.

You can tune in every Saturday at 12PM at or on their YouTube channel.

Todays Events
Date: 11/26/2020
Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Venue: Goethe Institute