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Mad Max Retold in Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Japanese artist Takumi has one-upped all those fan fiction writers with an incredibly detailed piece telling the story of Mad Max: Fury Road in the form of Ancient Egyptian art. Check out the full piece here...

With the plot being about a man, exiled from apocalyptic Australia who happens to then travel with a group of abandoned children, rebelling against the town's s queen, Mad Max was out in 1987 starring Mel Gibson. The legendary film series has made a huge a comeback with its 2015 version that certainly has its unique creative fanbase going crazy all over the internet.

Various artists have reinterpreted and re-made soundtracks, songs and even backstories over the movie, that seems to have caught people's emotions and led a Japanese artist, Takumi, to re-create the film into a story told through ancient Egyptian Hieroglyph drawings. The art-piece is highly detailed, and perfectly captures the story, as well as bringing back the ancient feel and spirit to the cinematic work.