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Maestro Iman Junaidi Launches All-Women Music Contest

Iman Junaidi, Upper Egypt's first female maestro, is launching a contest to discover female musical talents in Egypt to join her all-women troupe.

To empower female musicians to follow in her footsteps, Upper Egypt’s first female maestro, Iman Junaidi, has announced an all-women’s musical competition to discover the most talented and distinctive female singers and instrumentalists in Egypt.

“I think culture is the true driving force of development, so I hope to raise awareness of female musical talents in Egypt in a matter that is subtle and culturally driven,” Maestro Junaidi tells #CairoScene. “I found that organising a completely women-led and women-focused musical competition would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Some women are simply looking for an opportunity to make their dreams come true and a chance to have their voices heard. By making this competition happen, I would like to tell them, ‘Here I am, I am a woman, I am a musician -- give me your hand and let me help you”.   

The competition won’t just announce categorical first place winners or runner ups. Rather, there will be tens of winners who would go on to form an all-women troupe led by the Maestro herself.

Boasting an industry-specialized committee of female judges, the winning troupe will have the chance to partake in the Maestro’s cultural salons at the beginning of each month, and record a song composed by Maestro Junaidi.

Auditions will be held from April 15th through May 20th at 13 Taha Hussein St. in Zamalek by Yamama Center and Portsaid School.