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Marwan Sabra: Using Alluring Acrylic to Capture Life Moments in Wood

Good art is hard to find but easy to recognise, and Sabra definitely grasps the essence of good art.

From street art to subtle portraits, aspiring acrylic artist Marwan Sabra is coming up with all sorts of bizarre figures that you can't help but stare at in admiration. All of Sabra's works tell a story - like staring into the soul of the subject with every detailed touch he places. Through utter simplicity and a magic touch, Sabra is able to lay down all sorts of stories of happiness, love, suffering, abandonment, and fame. 


"I don't really bind myself to a certain theme, I just let the feelings provoked by every experience in my life come out explicitly in my sketches," the 25-year-old artist tells us. "I started doing so from a really young age, it's where I found solace and an ability to finally communicate the thoughts and events that myself and those similar to me experience yet lack the ability to voice." Not only is Sabra artistic, some of his work is rather hilarious. For one, he has a painting where he shows a man "mooning in the moonlight." And the mixed feelings you get from his paintings are just inevitable – you don't know whether to like this Dementor Love piece for its bohemian (let alone Potter-inspired) theme, or get chills at the darkness it projects.  

"I'm planning to get started on a project soon but it will be completely different from my daily sketches, but they're not going anywhere – posting my paintings on Instagram is my haven for self-expression," he shares.

Sabra is not only a painter, though; right now some of his sculptures are on display at the Mostanad Ba7t exhibition being held at Darb 1718, and he even has in mind some filmmaking projects. "Watching Shady Abdelsalam's work from a young age, he gave me a whole other perception of being an artist," Sabra says. "He killed the thought in my mind that if I'm a painter then that's what I have to stick to, because that's a man who studied fine arts just like I did, then decided to take to filmmaking, and he's done that to perfection. So I simply decided to set my soul free and let it decide in which way it would like to express itself," he concludes.

Check out Marwan Sabra's creative brilliance on Instagram.