Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Mawaweel Back for Fifth Edition

It’s been successful the first four times, and the fifth time around will be no exception as Cairo Jazz Club Agency brings on Mawaweel at Darb 1718. Here's what's in store...

Staff Writer

Ramadan is a chance for you to break out of your routine and remember that Egypt offers variety of things to do, from actually talking to your parents at the dinner table from to discovering new spaces and unique events. What’s more, it's a chance to check out new things and expose yourself to the different Ramadan traditions that you may have not been aware of. Helping you escape falling into the routine of an influx of food and binge TV watching, Cairo Jazz Club Agency aims to keep you busy and sway you away from a mundane Ramadan. Kick starting on Thursday 25th of June, Mawaweel takes its rightful place in the cultural hot spot Darb 1718 and plans to reinvent your Ramadan once again.

The Ramadan festival prides itself in its variety from music, culture, art and more. The venue itself is the perfect spot for a gathering of friends and even family. The open air spice is both healthy and spiritual with shows that maintain a positive upbeat vibe.

The grand opening will take place on the 25th with three major shows. Staring at 9PM with instrumentalist, singer, composer and writer Eslam El Sha’ary, his voice is bound to sooth and compliments the open air. The trickle of soft spoken instrumentals are nothing short of beautiful.  

A Tanoura show will follow at 10.15pm and Ramadan would not be Ramadan without that spiritual dance. The Tanoura is a traditional dance that spreads energy as men in coloured flowing skirts dance in circles with a rich background music, emitting powerful energy. 

The grand finale of the night will be popular band Massar Egbari. Founded in 2005 the band has grown to be a local favourite. The band that produces meaningful music about social issues do not limit themselves to a specific genre with elements of Rock and Jazz found in their tracks. The opening night with its blend of events is certain to set your Ramadan on the right path.

The following Thursday, 2nd July will start off at 9PM with the inspirational Aswan born singer and CJC regular Basheer, bringing a modern twist on his hometown music. At 11.15PM get grooving with the light hearted rockers Salalem who headline the night.

The finale on Thursday 9th July will be a bittersweet farewell to the month of culture and festivities, but hey, at least it'll go out with a bang. Singer/songwriter Osama ElHady kicks off the night with some heartfelt tunes designed to give you goosebumps. At 10.15 PM El Mawlaweya will make you gasp with their whirling and twirling and pretty colours.

Ending the night are Hawidro at 11.15PM bring their multi-ethnic, multi-faceted and multi-lingual Afro-Egyptian stylings to stage for a big farewell. But it's not just performances. There are activities that will be going on every night from 8PM till 1AM with interactive arts, a bazaar, food court and the Cinemania Exhibition filling in the gaps. No reason to coop yourself at home; get up, get out and explore new ground under the Ramadan moon.