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Ministry of Culture’s ‘Memory of the City’ Documents Egypt’s Architectural Identity

The Ministry of Culture’s ‘Memory of the City’ initiative aims to preserve the architectural integrity of Egypt.

Every building has a story, and few stories are as rich as those found in Egypt's sprawling anthology. Starting with the island of Zamalek, the nation's architectural heritage will be compiled into a new initiative titled ‘Memory of the City’ by the Ministry of Culture. From ancient temples and Greek columns, to British colonial buildings and French Baroque mansions, every structure denotes a specific chapter in our local history.

The initiative will include a series of books that highlights different historical areas and discusses guidelines for their preservation. The National Organization for Civilization Coordination will be responsible for carrying out the work by setting modern building standards for historic areas, defining building densities and external colours, and all kinds of other ways to preserve the architectural aesthetic of these areas. The initiative will ensure a set of practices that will maintain the integrity of Egypt's architecture, and let their stories speak for themselves.