Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Mohamed Mounir Releases New Track for Ramadan Series Al Ikhtiyar 2

Mohamed Mounir’s released a new song, ‘Dahlin’, as part of Al Ikhtiyar 2's heartrending soundtrack.

Cairo Scene
While we’re not in the habit of spoiling Ramadan specials, ‘Al Ikhtiyar 2’ has been the catalyst of so much national discussion that it seems almost redundant to hide anything. That said, we couldn’t hide Mohamed Mounir’s new song, ‘Dahlin’, even if we tried - particularly with how it was used in the series, bringing a deep, complex emotional dimension to a climactic scene that was already heartwrenching enough. We all knew the Oasis Martyrs lost their lives in the line of duty. But watching it happen before our eyes while Mounir’s somber serenade played throughout, turning regret and sorrow into hope, was something else entirely.

Mounir collaborated with Egypt’s top talents to create a piece he felt would bring justice to these fallen soldiers. Poet Nasr El Din Nagy masterminded the poignant lyrics, while composer Ahmed Farhat brought the music to life.