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Mohamed Mounir to Perform Live at Cairo Opera House on July 16th

Mohamed Mounir will perform an outdoor concert at the Cairo Opera House, marking Egypt’s first major concert post-lockdown.

For the past few months, arts and culture has been able to survive in cyberspace, like a caterpillar in a cocoon. As the country is slowly adjusting to the new normal, with theatres and cinemas opening back up, the arts are starting to emerge like a butterfly out of an appropriately artsy metaphor. Mohamed Mounir aka the King himself will be performing a live concert in the outdoor area of the Cairo Opera House on July 16th, which will mark the first time a major artist performs in Egypt after the lockdown ended.

Mounir – who’s been MIA ever since his May online concert alongside local songstress Dina El Wadidi – is hoped to perform some of his classic tracks like “Fi ‘Ishq El-Banat’, ‘Hadouta Masreya’ and ‘Lama El Naseem’. Over the coming months, the Opera House will follow his act with a roster of 40 more open-air concerts with the likes of Omar Khairat, Ali El-Hajjar, Medhat Saleh and the Cairo Symphony Orchestra.