Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Most Expensive Egyptian Art Ever Sold

From Mahmoud Said to Adam Hanein, we take a look at the most valuable works of art produced by Egyptian pioneers.

Staff Writer

Ahead of's grand gallery opening on the 5th December, we've teamed up with the fine arts retailers to enlighten you with a run down of some of the most expensive art ever created by Egyptian artists. This of course doesn't necessarily count holistic value as a piece of art, but pure monetary value realised once sold on to private collectors, museums or auction houses.

Mahmoud Said (1897 - 1964) - Les Chadoufs

Value: $2,434,500

Abdul Hadi El-Gazzar (1925-1965) - Construction of the Suez Canal

Value: $1,023,750

Chant Avedissian (1951) - Icons of the Nile

Value: $1,565,000

Mahmoud Saïd (1897-1964) - Haguer

Value: $663,750

Adam Hanein (1929) - Labour

Value: $171,750

Hassan Soliman (1944-2008) - The Last Supper

Value: $171,750