Friday April 19th, 2024
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Mourning Dodi Fayed: Nourhan Tewfik on Netflix’s 'The Crown'

Nourhan Tewfik, the Egyptian cultural consultant for 'The Crown,' discusses her role and the power of Arab representation.

Farah Desouky

Mourning Dodi Fayed: Nourhan Tewfik on Netflix’s 'The Crown'

“It’s as if Diana died alone.”  

With those words, almost two decades after his untimely death, the story of Dodi Al Fayed once again occupies global screens and headlines. A name and a legacy marked by controversy, conspiracy, forbidden love and most importantly, racism. This well-known love saga, etched into the hearts of every Egyptian, is the story of Dodi and Diana. 

In seasons five and six of Netflix’s ‘The Crown,’ the series veers off its usual course to explore the shores of Alexandria and the family of Egyptian business tycoon Mohamed Al Fayed. Navigating this journey is the series’ Egyptian cultural consultant, Nourhan Tewfik, who speaks to us about her role in the series, the power of authentic Arab representation abroad and what it means to mourn Dodi Al Fayed on screen after years of marginalisation of his character. 

Initially a journalist and academic, Tewfik stumbled upon an ad seeking a cultural consultant for an undisclosed project—someone skilled in film and research. Eventually, she found herself recreating the streets of Alexandria in Britain, capturing the essence of its chaotic soundscapes and ensuring the Egyptian characters authentically sounded... well, Egyptian.