Saturday June 10th, 2023
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Musical Night Smashes Bedouin Stereotypes

Awareness group Badwena invite you to experience real Bedouin culture away from exaggerated stereotypes with a special musical night at 3elbet Alwan, this June 2nd.

Staff Writer

Made to feel like second class citizens, Bedouins suffer all kinds of negative stereotypes in Egypt. Media has played no attempt to wash away such misconceptions with movies painting them out as traitors, drug dealers and weapon smugglers. The fact remains that Bedouins are a part of Egypt and its culture. On the 2nd of June Badwena are organising an event that will showcase Bedouin culture, which will be held in Zamalek’s 3elbet Alwan under the slogan, “Bedouins are not a stereotype; know before you isolate." The event, which kicks off at 9.00PM, will host Bedouin musicians from Sinai as well as an array of artistic experiences, for just 25 LE per ticket.

Badwena are an awareness campaign group that aim to break prevalent stereotypes about Egypt’s Bedouins by spreading information on the group's cultures, traditions and history, understanding the dangers of allowing such stereotypes to further isolate Bedouins and create an unnecessary rift. Most of the events by Badwena present a pivotal part of Bedouin culture, and this Tuesday's one will focus on all things music. Some will have experienced the beautiful melodies during camping trips to Sinai where such magical music fits perfectly with a star studded sky and a desert environment. This is your chance to get the full immersive experience without travelling out of the city as Bedouin musician Hisham Saeed comes to you.

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