Saturday April 13th, 2024
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NFTYScene & Creative Summit Host Massive Metaverse Art Exhibition

Metaverse exhibit ‘Presence’ spotlights digital art by over 30 cutting-edge creatives in the Middle East and North Africa, curated by NFTYArabia.

Cairo Scene

NFTYScene & Creative Summit Host Massive Metaverse Art Exhibition

The knowledge that our world has been rapidly shifting to acclimatize to the creation of a new, intangible, and entirely uncertain one is tremendously exciting. The digital realm is full of unimaginable possibilities; what started as a cable network physically built across the globe to connect humans through a rudimentary version of emails evolved into robots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and more. You can play games, make art, invest your money, buy an estate, work, or - in this case - attend an art exhibition featuring a slew of regional and local artists curated by our sister site NFTYScene and our NFT marketplace NFTYArabia at the Creative Industry Summit.

‘Presence’ is the metaverse exhibition featuring wild and wonderful digital art produced by over 30 cutting-edge creatives across the Middle East and North Africa. The list of exhibitors includes the likes of Bassam Allam, Blizzart, Farida Bustani, Waleed Shah, Dixon, Ichraq Bouzidi, Henar Sherif, and Wagdy Darwish, amongst many others. Not only can you interact with the artwork displayed, but you can also engage with other people inside the metaverse exhibition!

The gallery can be experienced in virtual reality at Creative Industry Summit at Cairo Business Park between September 27th and September 29th, and in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on October 30th, or through mobile and desktop starting September 27th at