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New Egyptian Website 'Looking for Arab Actors' Connects Actors and Filmmakers

Looking for Arab Actors allows actors from across the Middle East and North Africa to gain more visibility and filmmakers to have access to a bigger pool of acting talent.

Good news, penniless Arab thespians! You know how you can't afford an agent because you can barely afford to keep yourself alive? Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore because the Middle East just went and got itself its very first Backstage Magazine-like website!

Looking for Arab Actors (LFAA) is an online platform where filmmakers can really examine the breadth of the region's acting talent pool and actors can gain more visibility. The website is divided into two main categories; one for filmmakers looking to cast actors and another for actors looking to showcase their talents. Basically, the website matches actors to the wants and needs of filmmakers who can search for talent by entering parameters like "age, gender, skin colour, height, and weight."

Filmmakers also have the option of promoting casting calls and notifying actors who fit the role profiles set forth by casting directors.

Also to ensure the safety and comfort of actors who subscribe to LFAA's services, only legitimate filmmakers may sign up as they are required to provide documents like their Film Syndicate license. 

Another thing that should put your mind at ease is the website's affiliation with big production companies like El Adl Group and Hama Productions. Other big names in the industry like directors Sherif Arafa and Mohamed Diab and actresses Hana Shiha and Hend Sabry have also thrown their weight behind the idea.

LFAA launches October 15th.
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