Friday February 23rd, 2024
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New Posters Portray The White 'Gods Of Egypt'

Upcoming hollywood blockbuster 'Gods Of Egypt' releases character posters showcasing its whitewashed cast...

Staff Writer
The upcoming special effects spectacle that is Gods of Egypt  just released a series of character-centric posters, and the internet is pissed.
The film stars Gerard Butler as the evil god Set facing off against everyone’s second favourite Lannister, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Horus. The white washed half-assed attempt to cash in on thousands of years of culture and myth’s synopsis reads like a lesson in cliche. Set usurps the pharaoh’s throne and it’s up to an unlikely hero and his buddy Horus to depose the tyrant and rescue the damsel in distress.
But it’s not the hackneyed plot that has everyone on Twitter, from average film goers to celebrities like Bette Middler, up in digital arms.

Why does the god of the desert look like he needs sunscreen?
When casting for this, the Alex Proyas (who every 90’s and 00’s goth worshipped for The Crow) helmed computer generated turd was revealed last year, we noticed it was conspicuously absent of any Egyptians, or you know, any brown people at all. Now with these shots showing off several of the characters in costume, the internet mob has assembled and begun to rip this shitshow apart. You'd think as a Greek born in Egypt, and raised in Australia, Mr. Proyas would be more sensitive to cultural diversity. Hey, or maybe not. 
Alongside the predominantly white cast (which includes Geoffrey Rush as, I shit you not, the sun god Ra) Chadwick Boseman plays Thoth, the god of wisdom. After totally killing it as James Brown in Get On Up, people of the internet are bemoaning his apparent relegation as a stereotypical magic black guy. 

I'm not an expert but I don't think Thoth had powers similar to a second tier X-men character
After last year when Ridley Scott faced super harsh criticism for having a bunch of white people play Egyptians in Exodus: Gods and Kings you think somebody in an executive office somewhere would get the hint that, though these films sometimes manage to just barely squeeze a profit, the tremendous backlash will eventually cost them a ton of money.