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New Website Celebrates Heritage of Old Cairo's al-Khalifa District

Participatory conservation initiative 'Athar Lina' has been preserving the Old Cairo district of al-Khalifa's heritage for nearly a decade, and has compiled everything they know into one new website.

To this day, the Citadel of Cairo dominates the capital's skyline from the relatively soft-spoken district of al-Khalifa. A wealth of medieval history sits silently along al-Khalifa's narrow streets, with over 138 monuments to be seen, from the Ibn Tulun Mosque to the Qarada Cemetery. You won't find big glittering signs and blaring tour busses to guide you through Cairo's largest collection of World Heritage Sites. Thankfully, there is a new website that will.

Athar Lina is a participatory conservation initiative that has been preserving al-Khalifa's heritage since 2012, and it is with nearly a decade of experience that they've been able to launch a website that integrates the district's layered history with news and events for tourists and citizens alike to take part in. The site allows you to learn about the history of a site, or join a cultural workshop, or sit in on a webinar.

To check it out for yourself, you can visit