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'Nights with Poultry' A Fair Feather Group Exhibit at Arcade Gallery

Hosted by Maadi's Arcade Gallery, 'Night with Poultry' features 24 visionaries and ambitious artists all expressing their own visions of poultry.

That’s right, we’re calling you ‘art geeks’, and nowhere is the expression more appropriate than it is now. Did you know the word ‘geeks’ came from a carnival performer who’d chase a bunch of chickens and then bite their heads off? It’s gross. But it does make you think. Right? Right. Maadi’s Arcade Gallery is hosting their own quirky, yet thought-provoking, group exhibition titled “Night with Poultry” featuring 24 visionaries and ambitious artists all expressing their own visions of poultry.

“Night with Poultry” is the second edition in Arcade Gallery’s series of exhibitions that explore unconventional topics. The gallery organized the first edition of the series titled “Night with Rodents” in 2019, as part of the gallery’s promotion of artistic adventures in the visual arts.

The exhibition kicked off on May 5th with an array of paintings, sculptures and prints all celebrating and exploring the theme of poultry. Although it may seem like an odd topic, chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks have held symbolic spiritual and religious roles for many cultures throughout history. Like with geeks! Remember geeks? God, we hope you don’t.

The 24 participating artists all come from different generations and walks of life, cultivating a “playground” environment that encourages the flow and exchange of knowledge and experience, enriching the Egyptian art movement on a broader level.

How many ways can chickens be artistically expressed? You have until June 2nd to find out for yourself.