Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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No More Boring Art Classes, Thanks To Artkhana!

Art is a language spoken worldwide. So grab a paintbrush because Artkhana is all about expressing yourself by getting creative, and their latest initiative '7esa Fadia' sees them teach young children in schools and orphanages about art and how to discover themselves through it...

Staff Writer

Art is a universal language - a way to express ourselves, who we are, and what we stand for. The beauty that art contains is immeasurable; all forms of art have large audiences everywhere in the world. For many, art class in school may have meant nap time, doing anything but actually listening to the art teacher, or having the kids mock you if you grab a pen and decide to get creative. That will no longer be an issue for young Egyptian artists waiting to discover themselves and their art. So, no more skipping art class for you because, Artkhana is here!

Artkhana is a non-profit organisation consisting of technical and art teams, aiming to empower Egyptian artists through workshops, and raise awareness about the arts through events where the artists’ works are showcased for others to see. Not just that, you will also find them doing some charity work here and there to give back to Egypt. Artkhana's story came to life as its founder recognized that art is severely underrated in our country and saw how there are plenty of young minds out there waiting impatiently for a chance to shine and show the world what they are capable of, while also contributing to their beloved country. As a result, Artkhana became a unique platform for brilliant and bright artists fueled with passion for their art and a desire to give back to the community. 

Artkhana is currently working on a charity event called 7esa Fadia, which translates to ”free class,” where the Artkhanians teach young children in schools or orphanages about art and how to discover themselves and give back to their country through it, as well through amusing activities and games to permanently cure boredom in art class. Don’t think that just because you aren’t exactly Van Gogh material that there isn’t a place for you. Behind all their artists are awesome technical teams who plan every step of the way, teaching you all there is to know about planning and organization. At Artkhana, there’s room for everybody.

You can check out their Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @artkhana.