Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Nomadic Filmland Academy Kicks Off a Film Camp in Dahab’s CoworkInn Space

The camp, led by the international film crew involved in Morocco's Oasis Music Festival, gears up for a five-day immersion into filmmaking and networking in Sinai's hippie heaven.

Staff Writer

As the army of digital nomads increases and ever more creatives take off to work amid the peace and quiet of the world’s coolest beaches, Egypt will host a camp that promises to push – and blur - the boundaries between work and play, turning your idea into a movie against the stunning backdrop of paradisiac Red Sea.

Spearheading the film camp is the Nomadic Filmland Academy, which was also part of the crew behind Marrakech’s Oasis Festival, alongside Dahab’s most buzzing hotspot, the newly-inaugurated Co-workInn Space.

The co-working space - the first ever in the hippie heaven that is Dahab - was launched a few months ago by German entrepreneur Mira Arnold, and is now set to host this filmmaking training from March 5th to 11th, catapulting its power to attract creatives, nomadic workers, and entrepreneurs looking to network.

“We partnered with the Academy and we will both host participants from all over the world. There will be workshops, events, fun activities in the Blue Lagoon, desert parties, and the chance to work with like-minded people in the beautiful set of Dahab,” says Arnold.

The Nomadic Filmland Academy is an international platform that brings together creatives from across different countries to develop their skills in filmmaking and extend their network overseas. The course will take travellers along a discovery path, from understanding the film industry to learning the basics of shooting, understanding editing software, and debating different types of movies in film screenings. But, aside from the filmmaking focus, the film retreat will give travellers a chance to network with other digital nomads, translate ideas into visual stories, and work on their business ideas.

The camp includes accommodation in a hotel for a 4410 EGP double room package, as well as a two-day trip to the Blue Lagoon, wild parties in the desert, quad trips, and networking sessions.

For early bird tickets, check out the event on Facebook and visit Dahab's Co-workInn page.

Main photo by: Wingmen media.