Sunday June 4th, 2023
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Noon by Fagnoon is New Cairo's Most Quirky Art School

Located in New Cairo, Noon is a modern twist on Fagnoon, created to be a more compact, mobile version of the art school so that it could be more accessible in urban spaces.

Cairo Scene

If there’s one memory many Cairenes shares as a school kid, it's a trip to Fagnoon. Between the pottery classes and monkey bars, it’s safe to say we all had our fair share of fun at the rustic arts and culture hub. But rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty with clay is a pretty big hassle, not to mention the drive all the way to its isolated Giza location. Hoping to erase at least one of those obstacles, Fagnoon has launched a more accessible version of its services.


‘Noon by Fagnoon’ possesses the same qualities, values, and activities that tie it to its mother brand. In essence, the idea is to create a more compact, mobile version of Fagnoon’s concept in urban spaces that would be more readily accessible. All the arts and crafts, none of the hassle.


Located in New Cairo’s HydeOut, Noon is a modern twist on Fagnoon that still includes their signature crafts with art rooms with facilities for pottery, carpentry, mosaic making, silk screen, Arquette, perfume making, ceramic drawing, glass drawing, mulch work, bead work, and so much more.


When all the crayons have whittled down to stubs and the crafts materials have run low, the hub has playrooms for toddlers and outdoor areas with tree houses, mazes, nets and climbers. They also host adrenaline-inducing mud fights and colour fights for the little ones.