Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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Omar Adel: YouTube Bandit

We talk to the master of mash ups, Omar Adel, and find out more about his hilarious, almost abstract, edits of Egyptian films and soap operas.

Staff Writer

Omar Adel’s runs one of our favourite YouTube channels at the moment. His video edits consists of Egyptian movie trailers dubbed with Hollywood movie audio, or Egyptian movie or soap opera edits that are a mix of funny, abstract, futuristic and even Lynch-esque elements at that. It's not everyday that you get online and encounter original content from a local artist, that just screams genius. We spoke to the man behind the work,about his past, the present and the future, of course.

When did you start making your videos and what was the inspiration behind them?

I started about six years ago. My inspiration is the Egyptian movie and TV scene itself. When I was a kid, I used to visualise scenes in my head the same way I do now, only now I have a computer.

How would you describe your videos to someone who has never seen them?

Edited version of some serious scenes from Egyptian drama, transforming them to new comedy content.

How many videos do you currently have up?


How is it different making videos here than being abroad? What are the limits or constraints?

I don’t think there is a difference. The only constraint is that sometimes I can’t be sarcastic if the actor is a friend’s father! But If you are asking about constraints like religion, politics and sex, I don’t like using these subjects for laughs anyway because I think it's too easy.

If you weren’t making awesome YouTube videos, what would you be doing?

First, thank you for describing the videos as awesome! I work as a writer and sometimes as an animator, mainly in the advertising field. I make these videos for fun, my hobbies are drawing and creating designs.

How do you stay peaceful and maintain a sane mind while staying in Cairo?

Listening to music, especially movie soundtracks.

Who are your current favourite Egyptian YouTubers?

Tameem Youness, KhaledComics, Saadani, Egysp00fs and Ezzo Show.

Any advice for up and coming editors who want to make the same thing you’re doing?

I don’t work as an editor as many people may think, but if I was to give advice, I would say: don’t make a video unless you believe in its content.