Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Online Film Platform Clakett are Virtually Hosting a Quarantine Film Competition

In the spirit of social distancing, Clakett, an online platform for filmmakers and producers, are organizing a quarantine filmmaking competition.

Staff Writer

Online Film Platform Clakett are Virtually Hosting a Quarantine Film Competition

With so many people dazed and confused due to the madness that is life right now, online platform Clakett has chosen to provide a creative outlet for both amateur and professional filmmakers practising self-isolation. Clakett is a platform that connects filmmakers to producers, shooting locations, actors and actresses free-of-charge.

“Right now is a very unique opportunity for people to get creative, practise their craft and make a film about the current situation,” Kamel Karam, Founder and CEO of Clakett, told CairoScene. “It’s a new opportunity to view the world in a different way and explore their feelings through filmmaking.”

Here are the rules to apply: First, you have to have a profile on the Clakett app (available on the App Store and Google Play). Film submissions must be three minutes or less, and must be filmed at home. Anyone appearing in the filming has to be a member of your household (because, of course, social distancing). You can upload your submissions on a pubic social media account with the hashtag #ClakettQChallenge, after which Clakett will post them on their Facebook and Instagram pages. The top three films with the highest number of votes wins. But make sure everyone knows to vote for your video from Clakett’s pages, not your own. You can film with any device, whether that’s the first-ever phone with a camera from your teenage years or a professional camera.

Deadline for submission is April 9th, and the three winners will be announced on April 12th. Your prize? The unassailable glory of having thousands lay their eyes on your masterpiece with a special mention on Clakett's social media pages and the app.