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Photographer Miheala Noroc Opens Our Eyes to Middle Eastern Beauty

Romanian photographer Miheala Noroc, mostly known for her project 'The Atlas of Beauty', compiles beautiful and intimate images of women from the Middle East and North Africa Region.

Whether it’s buying a new set of eye shadow, going on a new diet, working our hearts out at the gym, or taking a hundred selfies in one outing, every one of us – if even subconsciously - recognises the importance of beauty. Love at first sight, the way a beautiful woman is depicted from a lover’s eyes in a novel, or even a silly crush on an actor we've never met are all outcomes of that. Of course, beauty changes from a pair of eyes to another and there is not - and never should be - one 'image' of beauty. Perhaps among those who recognise this and have fully pursued it is famous photographer Miheala Noroc, who has been travelling the world for the past three years in search of beauty in different countries and documenting it with her camera. Her photographic project is called The Atlas of Beauty, which many of us might have heard of.

Noroc has produced stunning photographic portraits of women from all over the world, many of whom are posing without makeup, reflecting the natural native beauty of the country. To our delight, Noroc has recently compiled an album of photographs she has taken of women from the Middle East and North African (MENA) region.

Thirty-year old Romanian Noroc says on her website that “Even though The Atlas of Beauty became very popular all around the world, I’m the same ordinary person, with the same backpack like three years ago, who loves to explore the unnoticed beauty which lies in people around us.”

Feast your eyes on some of the spectacular photographs she has taken of Middle Eastern beauty below.    











You can check out her photographic collections on Instagram and keep up via her Facebook page.

All photographs obtained from photographer Miheala Noroc’s Instagram account. 

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