Wednesday October 4th, 2023
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Photophiliacs! Are You Following @DowntownCairo?

Who'd have imagined that the cultural and historical hub would have its own Instagram account? Downtown Cairo, both present and past, come to life on our phones and we can't get enough of it...

Staff Writer

I'm not exactly entirely active on Instagram but when the name @DOWNTOWNCAIRO as a suggested account to follow came up, I couldn’t help but feel lured in since I’ve taken it upon myself to try and check out every corner imaginable in that incredible area, and what better guide could I have come across and by mere coincidence? For all those of you who equally enjoy scrolling through the photo-fiesta of the online world, this one particular cultural Instagram account is worth the credit.


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I prefer visual guides over reviews really; humans can be cynical bastards so I trust what I see with my own eyes! Accordingly, a collection of beautifully crafted photographic works and videos of all things Downtown Cairo that are worth checking out is hands-down the next best thing. Fitters of downtown’s sentimental past, present and future presented from an all-inclusive cultural perspective. From the sight-seeing spectaculars of streets never before seen in such light, to noting infamous historic architectures, hidden alleyways and go-to pubs and cafes, it serves as both a display of Cairo's historical grandeur and a guide to getting around the gorgeous, if frustrating, district.


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You’ll come across photos of old school familiar faces around the area from bookstore owners to legendary barbers.

I especially appreciate the fact that the accout quotes their opinions on politics, or how they feel about the mentalities they deal with nowadays as opposed to the admirable past when Egyptians were actively more liberal, cultured and decent with one another.


It’s never too late for a classic makeover! @lemosen

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A nostalgia-bound, vivid narrative with more photos being added regularly to their account, revealing downtown for the underrated gem it truly is, one #insta post at a time. Enriching cultural photography fiends rejoice! We. Must. Have. More.

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