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Play On: Ganzeer

Stand-up comedian Rami Boraie gets uncomfortable with the people making noise in the world of music, arts and culture. This week he gets gaga with Ganzeer.

Egyptian street artist Ganzeer has been causing quite the hullabaloo ever since the revolution kicked off and he started scribbling on the walls of the city. Having recently teamed up with the renowned SafarKhan gallery in Zamalek to create ‘The Virus’ exhibit, he’s also garnered critical acclaim from people who like proper art. So what better opportunity for our sound man Rami Boraie to meet up with him. In this exclusive podcast, we find out how Ganzeer feels about art, sex, and punching people in the face…

Ganzeer doing his best hamster impression

You can also keep this podcast in your pocket by heading to the iTunes store and searching for ‘Play on with Rami’. It’s free to download because MO4 subsidizes Apple. 

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