Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Poussy Mouselhy: Iconic Illustrations

Egyptian amateur artist Poussy Mouselhy is garnering herself quite the following on Instagram and other platforms with her iconic and playful drawings. We speak to the budding illustrator and tattoo designer to find out what makes her tick.

Staff Writer

Scrolling through the endless selfies and pictures of food on Instagram, we stumbled upon an amateur artist who caught our attention (we're getting pretty good at this Instagram thing). Poussy Mouselhy’s unique drawings and illustrations are the stuff of #InstaLegends as she uses only micropens, watercolors and markers to give each of her doodles a one-of-a-kind, charismatic edge. 

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Brian Bolland, Lynne Yoshii and Jeremy Roberts, Mouselhy spent her childhood huddled over her notebook, sketching and doodling. “It started off with comics,” she explains. “As a kid, I remember being endlessly entertained by all the characters and adventures. I can’t remember a time when I wasn't sitting in my room drawing something. All I knew back then is that I wanted to draw everything; to have the ability to bring every character I can imagine into reality. The idea of creating something from scratch and the feeling I had when I finished a drawing was just too beautiful, so I kept practicing every night, went to school and spent my lunch breaks in the school's gallery practicing more and wishing that one day people would look at one of my drawings and somehow relate to it.”

Mouselhy also designs tattoos, which she sells along with her doodles online. She's also collaborated with many local artists on their projects. Mouselhy aspires to bring out the passion she believes to be hidden inside all of us, through her art. “I want people to believe more in passion. If you truly want to nourish your soul, follow your passion. Pave a new road for whatever talent you have and dedicate yourself, it will eventually pay off in time.”

You can find her drawings on Instagram @poussymousselhy, and on Society 6 and Behance.